Pulteney Bridge, Bath, United Kingdom

Simon Millns, Professional Coach

Simon Millns

GrowAgility‘s Business Performance Coach

I’m passionate about working with people and finding ways to make their lives happier in both their professional and personal lives.

I believe a coaching relationship should work both ways. If it is to be truly successful, we should know a little about each other to decide if we share similar values and would be a ‘good fit’ to work together.

I live in the beautiful city of Bath in the United Kingdom. However, as far as coaching is concerned geography is no longer a limit.

Zoom and MS Teams

Using online video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or even a telephone; I regularly work with people across Europe and North America. I’m flexible with my schedule and will meet you where you are.

I’ve achieved success working as a senior leader in a number of companies, worked with venture capitalists, established technical agile teams both here in the UK and off-shore in Jaipur, India; built companies up and sold them on and worked on the development of many complex IT platforms in financial services and central government organisations.

I’ve had many ups and downs in my professional life. I’ve suffered from imposter syndrome, lack of motivation and confidence and procrastinated a lot. At one time or another I may have experienced some of the challenges you face now. Fortunately I’ve had people around me that have supported and coached me to success.

Facilitating workshops at the Office for National Statistics

I’ve realised that my passion lies with helping people and teams achieve sustainable working practices, boost their confidence and find ways to achieve a healthy work life balance. This ultimately helps people be happier, be more creative and focus on the delivery of value in safe to experiment environments. Happier people in the work place helps create resilient and high performing teams; I’m here to support you achieve this too.

Coaching Principles

My coaching principles align with the five Ericksonian principles. With these guiding principles I respect each person I work with as a resourceful, well-meaning human being.


People are OK:

Human beings everywhere are basically okay!


People have real resources:

They have many more resources than they know!


Every person has a positive intention:

Even if a positive intention is hidden, it can quickly be found.


People do their best:

They make their best choices each day with what they know about life so far.


Change is inevitable:

No matter how difficult, we learn, we grow, and we change. In this way, our acorn becomes an oak tree.

Learning Journey

I consider personal and professional development to be really important. I read…a lot, follow blogs, watch videos and attend training courses regularly to continually develop my understanding of the many different ways I’m able to support people.

I’ve spent many years supporting teams and organisations adopt sustainable and agile ways of working; for me, professional coaching has been a natural progression to help empower and motivate individuals in autonomous teams.

Erickson Coaching Diploma
ICAgile Agile Team Facilitator
ICAgile Agile Team Coach
Certified Scrum Professional
Advanced Certified Scrum Master
Certified Scrum Master

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