Many organisations and people are discovering the benefits of Coaching. Whether you are interested in professional or personal coaching; coaching helps people at all levels bridge the gap to their next level of success; giving them the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication or leadership skills.

I look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you really want; to help you become more successful as well as achieve more of what you want in life.

To make your coaching experience more productive you need to…

Be committed to your goals and vision. Take the time to examine what you want and need to determine goals that are truly meaningful to you.

Make a commitment to yourself to complete your action plan each week by experimenting with new approaches and behaviours.

Make your coaching session a priority in your schedule. Come to the session prepared with what you want to discuss.

Online Coaching via Zoom

I typically work with my clients for six to eight months to increase their performance, meeting 2-4 times a month for one and half hours online at a time using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Every six sessions we will hold a review to discuss how well the sessions are going and if we’re on track to meet your vision and target goals.

Coaching is a huge personal investment of your resources and demands your best work, by starting a coaching arrangement with me you are indicating that you are willing to do and be your best.

How To Get Started

Free Introductory Call

In this first session we’ll talk through how coaching works and what you would like to get from it. Coaching can be a big investment and I like to take the opportunity to get to know new people to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

We’ll talk through the coaching agreement and how often you would like to meet. There is no pressure from me, you can go away and consider if coaching is right for you and come back to me when you are ready to start.

Even in our initial conversation we'll aim to achieve value!

Choose Your Package

Following the introduction session you can decide whether you would like to buy individual sessions or buy a package of 6, 9 or 12 sessions at a time. Sessions may vary in length, but typically last one to one and a half hours. There are discounts available dependant on the number of sessions you buy up front. Alternatively, if we decide longer sessions work, there is an option to buy hours rather than sessions and draw down the hours form the overall pot.

We'll discuss the pricing for the various packages and options during the introductory call.

Make Payment

Once you have decided on a package I will send you an invoice, giving you plenty of time to pay before the start of our first session. Alternatively I can provide you with a web link to book and buy individual sessions through PayPal.

Book Your First Session

Once you have made your payment we will be able to put a schedule together and book in our first coaching session. That’s it, you are all set and ready to get going!

Are you ready to

take action?